It’s been almost three years since YES Armenia is partnering with the Students’ Society of De Montfort University in Leicester, England. The Students’ Society is a non-formal group of very active students promoting peace, solidarity and understanding. One of the recent projects completely organized and run by the students was PeaceCamp in the UK. The objectives of the project was to challenge any racism or xenophobia or religious bigotry amongst participants, to enable them to recognize their own inherent prejudices and to counter-act them. The project provided a platform for the young people to express their views on world affairs, fostering general debate, allowing participants to share, enjoy and celebrate cultural differences.
The project brought together young people from Spain, Malta, Hungary, Bosnia, Cyprus, Italy, UK and Armenia. The Armenian delegation was represented by six young people coming from different regions and schools of Armenia, and having same interest in peace building and conflict resolution. The young people had a chance to learn about conflict resolution, work in teams with others to create symbols of peace, learned drama and performed the pieces on stage reflecting conflicts and peace, as well as presented their counties, cultures and traditions.
The culmination of the project was presenting the results of each group activity in front of the large audience in De Montfort University, which was attended by the other students, professors and guests speakers.