We at YES were happy for a new chance to cooperate with YPIDA Berlin and
participate in CONNECTORS – a training course on alternative conflict
The training course took place during June 29 – July 7, 2017 period in three
different locations – Hebron, Bethlehem and Jerusalem, and was attended by
participants coming from 11 different countries.
All 35 participants of the training course were involved in simulation game,
where they had to be divided into four imaginary groups or continents, which
were conflicting with each other and all four wishing to find alternative
solutions to resolve the existing conflicts. The game helped the participants
to start thinking out of box and look for more and more options to resolve
conflicts – be it personal or between countries or continents. The game
ended when the “continents” compromised on sharing natural resources.
The project participants were given a chance not only to obtain knowledge,
but also to visit three very old and historically significant cities. It was truly an
eye opening project and the trip for everyone, who has never been in this
part of the world before.
Another major outcome of the project was the friendship that started between
the participants and that led to developing more new projects for future.