During September 2-10, 2018, three representatives of YES Armenia – Mariam
Manukyan, Mane Gharibyan and Victoria Tsaturyan – have participated in
Pomegranate Project, implemented by YPIDA Berlin in cooperation with Kleiner
Fratz GmbH. under the Erasmus + Program.
YES and YPIDA Berlin are partnering for a long time and have jointly
implemented various projects. This time the two organizations joined to bring
together 37 participants from 14 countries to discuss the issues and challenges
of social inclusion. The Pomegranate project included training sessions, study
visits to FOTED Center, IMAGINARIES Migration Hub and Kleiner Fratz Kinder
Garden, as well as networking and social events. Thanks to bringing together a
very diverse group of young people, the project allowed the participants to learn
good and bad practices related to social inclusion. Prior to joining the project
each country team worked on collecting the data on refugees and their status in
their home countries. The country teams presented their data, and after every
presentation the floor was opened to discussions and possible solutions of the
After a very intensive week spent in Berlin our participants returned back in
Armenia ready to share the knowledge they’ve got with their friends, YES team
members and fellow students in the University.