ZeRoRo 2019

August at YES was SUPER hot again!
We were all very busy with ZeRoRo 2019!
This time 27 students and volunteers learned how to code satellites to clean up space
debris and rescue damaged satellites from space. How cool is that?! The selected group
of students (14-16 years old) from four regions of Armenia (Shirak, Gegharkunik, Tavush
and Aragatsotn) spent two weeks in the ZeRoRo camp in Dilijan learning coding satellites
on MIT's server, improving their soft skills, hosting invited guest speakers who shared
their experience on many various topics – from effective usage of online resources and
scholarship opportunities to making steps towards Sustainable Development Goals, and
more. For the second time in a row YES is granting an opportunity to the Armenian
students to participate in the ZeRoRo camp and improve their knowledge in tech.
This year the project was possible thanks to strong cooperation between MIT
(Massachusetts Institute of Technology), NASA (National Aeronautics and Space
Administration), World Vision Armenia, Learntribute LLC, and YES. Each of the
mentioned partners had its contribution in educating the students and bringing their
knowledge to a completely new level. Many of the participants have strengthened their
desire to continue their education in tech, for others it was a life changing experience,
where they have widened their horizon and erudition in aspects like professional
development, personal development, and others.
During the camp our students have formed five working groups, which have been
competing with each other during the last two days. The winners will have a chance to
form their own groups, further develop their knowledge, and participate in the
international competition by MIT and NASA in the summer of 2020. Chosen codes will be
sent to the International Space Station–yes, the one in space–to be run on physical
So, brace yourselves! We are going to reach unimaginable heights!
Off to space and beyond!