Youth Empowerment and Sustainability (YES) is a non-governmental organization established in Yerevan, Armenia in August 2015 with the central goal to empower the young people by sharing the relevant professional experience with them, inspire them to bring the changes they want to see in their communities and the world, support them in their self-development and encourage to become sustainable through providing them a chance to improve their education, skills and knowledge in various aspects of life.

YES is an organization based in Yerevan, Armenia, but operates throughout the entire country and is represented in each of 11 regions of Armenia by the young people, who are members of the organization and at the same time volunteers involved in local and in international projects.
In spite of its recent official registration record, the YES has over six years of de facto activity history: the current staffing was enriched at the base of the same group of professionals who worked and volunteered for different projects in cooperation with non-profits from the European Union and the U.S.

Parallel to its activities within the EU programs the YES has enlarged its partnership profile contributing its expertise and support to a number of other initiatives such as exchange projects with the U.S. based non-profits.

We at YES believe in the power of the young people and see them as the moving force for the global changes, therefore support any kind of initiative that leads to positive changes, be it development projects leading to social changes or small relief projects fully organized and coordinated by the young people volunteering for the organization to address the issues of socially vulnerable families in Armenia, and elsewhere.

YES project participants, alumni and volunteers have prioritized some of the 17 Global Goals, and along with the global community we are moving towards supporting their achievement and bringing about the desired changes by 2030.

There is a world of endless possibilities waiting behind every YES!