Levon, 18 years

“It’s interesting to realize how we – the young people – who have never met before become really good friends within only two weeks. We learn together, work together, share responsibility and have spent almost an entire week helping the young people from Syria to overcome difficulties they face after escaping from conflict zone. My …

Emilia, 19 years

“Participating in the PeaceFest was truly a life-changing experience… I met so many young people coming from so many different places and bringing their stories to share. Such a big diversity of experiences and opinions!”

Knarik, 19 years

“The training on volunteer activities, recruitment and coordination was so helpful! Now I know, I have enough knowledge to initiate a volunteer activity and change something in my own community back home. I learned how to bring people together and bring changes!”

Mustafa, 19 years

“For the first time in my life I had a chance to help prepare the food for the homeless people. It was amazing to realize how many people come every day to DC Central Kitchen to volunteer. Their example was so inspiring for all of us! I have talked to so many wonderful people today!”

Mane, 18 years

“Some days seem just to be perfect. There were many of those days during these two weeks in the UK.”

Eylul, 17 years

“Thanks to YES projects I have tried so may things in my life for the first time – riding a bicycle, sorting out the clothes for charity, even helping to cook! This is truly a life changing experience!”

Gevorg, 19 years

“Team spirit, motivation, feeling the power to make changes for myself and the people around me. An absolutely amazing end of the day – attending a concert in DC!”

Victoria, 17 years

“It’s a wonderful feeling to work together for the same purpose! Paper recycling is becoming a big issue, and I was so happy to join this initiative and help the schools to collect and recycle the paper, and instead get the new books for the elementary school kids. Great feeling!”

Mark, 18 years

“Never before I thought we would be able to work together in such a big international group, listen to each other, understand so many different English accents and all together create symbols of peace. I’m impressed with the work we did!”

Gevorg, 18 years

“It is amazing to learn new things, but the coolest thing is to visit different places in DC, such as Voice of America! We met great people from Armenian and Turkish desks! Was indeed an unforgettable experience!”

Vahan, 17 years

“It is pretty awesome to write daily reflections on “what I’m taking home with me” and “what I’d change for tomorrow”. It helps me to remember the day we spent in every detail and of course keep in mind all the lessons learned. More important is to feel that our messages are heard and the …

Kate, 17 years

“Before starting something new I always have fears… what if I don’t succeed? What if I can’t find common ground with people? But after I met our project leaders and the way they work with all of us as a group and individually, I’m so happy to be part of it! I can rely on …

Sofia, 18 years

“I’m going to take with me all the great memories, emotions, knowledge and skills. This is all of course along with the contacts of people I spent such amazing time to be able to stay in touch.”

David, 17 years

“This is (PeaceFest) one of those projects that gave me not only the knowledge, but also the sense of comfort while being in such big international community.”

Gevorg, 18 years

“Like in any international project, especially if the participants are coming with such historic background as we – the Turks and Armenians, there is always a little bit of tension between the participants at the beginning. But luckily, all together we were able to overcome the difficulties and now we even think of visiting each …

Anna, 18 years

“Both – the conflict resolution training and the volunteer management, were so effective. Can’t wait to go back to my community and start an initiative.”

Ahmed, 18 years

“This project gave me lots of amazing memories and knowledge. I feel everything we do is so very important for us and the people around us!”

Mari, 17 years

“Tolerance and respect are the things we learned. You know, sharing room and spending all day long together is not easy.”

Esra, 18 years

“I’m feeling happy, cause we are becoming really good friends with Armenians.”

Blanca, 16 years

“All our days are full of various activities, and we are spending quality time together learning new things and knowing each other.”