Gevorg Adamyan “My engagement with the YES Armenia team can be traced back to the year 2015, when I came to Washington DC to take part in the VITA volunteering program. Being on your own away from home, exploring different cultures, making new friends and honing social skills through volunteering have been



Mane Gevorgyan "The [YES Armenia] program had a considerable impact on shaping my world outlook and enhancing the scopes of my interests. That was really fun to develop friendships with people having different backgrounds and implement projects together that encourage tolerance and love." Mane is a PR & Communications Manager



Hayk Badalyan “When I analyze my past, I catch myself thinking that trying myself in various fields of work/studies and becoming familiar with several majors is exactly what helped me to make a decision on finding the final area that now I am ready to devote years of my life to. That is leveraging



Mariam Avagyan "I first participated in a YES program in 2015. The personal growth I had during this program is hard to measure—I learned a ton about myself and the world, as well as the power I had to positively impact my community. As a child, I dreamt about having the power

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