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“What was the highlight of your 2021?” – We asked all 13 participants of the ImPower Youth Mentoring Program by YES. Every participant mentioned that meeting their mentor was one of the highlights of their year!
YES created the ImPower Youth Mentorship program to foster lifelong connections between Armenians and create significant interpersonal ties between mentees and mentors.

Indeed, the ImPower Youth Mentoring Program by YES is a unique opportunity for Armenian youth (regardless of place of living) to meet Armenian professionals from all over the world and work together for 8 weeks.
During these eight weeks, mentees and mentors hold online one-on-one meetings and discuss education and career opportunities, structured by a syllabus provided by YES. Additionally, mentees participate in weekly group meetings with YES staff where they interact with inspiring guest speakers, learn about UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), present about their communities and towns, and more.
The geography of the project has been impressively diverse. Participant hometowns varied anywhere from Cairo to Boston, Vanadzor to Rotterdam, Javakhk to London, Artsakh to D.C., and others.
So far, the ImPower Youth Mentoring Program has brought together Armenian youth from different regions of the country, as well as Artsakh and Javakhk. Additionally, it also created a unique networking opportunity for Armenian mentors with various backgrounds.
Anyone speaking Armenian can apply to participate in ImPower. Mentee applicants must be 15-17 years old, while mentors must be 25+. All time zones are welcome!

More information about each mentee-mentor duo can be found on the YES Instagram and Facebook pages.

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