Change Agents Scholarship Program

Change Agents Scholarship Program is a special program to support the educational initiatives of all YES educational programs (such as ImPower Youth Mentoring Program, ZeRoRo Armenia, and Up&Up) alumni by providing them with the scholarship opportunities to improve or continue their education.
The youth graduates from any YES educational program are qualified to apply to the Change Agent Scholarship Program. Selected applicants will receive funding which will financially support them to accomplish their educational goals.
The scholarships are aimed to cover the following:

  • tuition fee for the high school, college, or university
  • application fees for applying to the world’s leading universities
  • transportation cost to/from the high school, college, or university
  • books, tablets, or any educational materials (such as art sets, handcraft materials, etc.) that support the educational process
  • fee to cover language courses, coding classes, or any other professional development courses that is essential for knowledge, skills improvement
  • participation fee for attending the conferences, workshops, or professional development seminars

The requirements for the potential candidates to receive the scholarship are as follows:

  • have graduated from any of YES educational programs
  • be 15-18 years old
  • come from any region of Armenia, Yerevan excluded. Priority will be given to alumni coming from the rural areas
  • willing to study in any high school, college or state university
  • ready to submit an application to YES, including the motivation letter

The minimum provided scholarship for one person is $300 and the maximum is $1500. Each applicant is eligible to receive only one scholarship.
All applications should be submitted here  before August 15th 2022.

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