Hayk Badalyan

“When I analyze my past, I catch myself thinking that trying myself in various fields of work/studies and becoming familiar with several majors is exactly what helped me to make a decision on finding the final area that now I am ready to devote years of my life to. That is leveraging technologies for good! Education in economics, software engineering, participation in numerous international events, and quite a decent network worldwide lead me to this understanding. More specifically and most importantly, it is after my participation in Side by Side: Digital Stories in Washington, DC organized by YES Armenia that I became definite about the hypothesis proposing that a positive social change may reach maximal success and efficiency only if representatives born in different parts of the world and raised under certain norms and values, who share a collective unconscious, are engaged in its discussion and implementation.”

“Hayk is the Founder & Executive Director or Garoon Tech LLC, which is a digital platform for professional agricultural consultancy and an award winning organization.”


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