We are super excited to announce the ImPower 2 Youth Mentoring Program by YES, and inspire connections between mentees and mentors!

Back in November 2021, YES has implemented its first ever ImPower Youth Mentoring Program and now based on the experience and feedback received from both – mentors and mentees, we are ready to start the ImPower 2 program!
Not to forget that we have done career mentorship for years! Mentees have mostly been our program alumni and volunteers — once they participate in a YES program, they become a part of our big YES team. We have supported our alumni in their career pursuits, university applications, fundraisers, business plans, etc. We primarily focus on the youth in Armenia’s regions, especially in border villages and Artsakh, as well as Javakhq, Georgia.
We have changed and improved the mentorship program and developed ImPower program, because we saw a big need from the potential mentees, as well as keen interest from the potential mentors. We hope that ImPower will also create significant lifelong connections between the Armenians and encourage them to lift each other up!
Anyone can participate in ImPower program – mentees and mentors living anywhere in the world and can speak Armenian. The age for mentees is 15-17 years old (no exceptions), and for mentors 25+.

The deadline for applications is March 26, 2022.

Mentors to apply please follow the link

Mentees to apply please follow the link

Let’s inspire and ImPower each other and keep moving!

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