ImPower 4 is Calling

MISSION POSSIBLE: Let’s ImPower 4! Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey of personal and professional growth? If you’re an Armenian youth looking to unlock your potential, gain invaluable insights, and connect with mentors from around the world, the ImPower 4 Youth Mentoring Program

Change Agents Scholarship Program

Change Agents Scholarship Program Change Agents Scholarship Program is a special program to support the educational initiatives of all YES educational programs (such as ImPower Youth Mentoring Program, ZeRoRo Armenia, and Up&Up) alumni by providing them with the scholarship opportunities to improve or continue their education.

Up & Up

Up & Up Ever wondered how to level UP the life of young people and to UP-lift our communities? The easiest way is to provide educational opportunities to the youth who wants to obtain new skills, profession and simultaneously improve their community. During the past year YES has piloted its Up&Up


MISSION POSSIBLE: We are ImPower 2! We are super excited to announce the ImPower 2 Youth Mentoring Program by YES, and inspire connections between mentees and mentors! Back in November 2021, YES has implemented its first ever ImPower Youth Mentoring Program and now based on the experience

YES ImPower Program for empowerment

YES ImPower Program for empowerment “What was the highlight of your 2021?” – We asked all 13 participants of the ImPower Youth Mentoring Program by YES. Every participant mentioned that meeting their mentor was one of the highlights of their year! YES created the ImPower Youth Mentorship program to foster lifelong connections

Protect ARTsakh

Protect ARTsakh In this unbearably hard times art gives us hope for the light and a brighter future. We are delighted and proud to join Protect ARTsakh: an online art auction that benefits relief efforts in Artsakh and Armenia. 60 phenomenal artists present 78 lots of exclusive pieces of contemporary artworks

Christmas Hug 2020

‘Tis the season to give a Christmas Hug 2020! Every New Year, YES brings the Christmas spirit to villages across Armenia! Due to our tireless work across the country, we are well-aware of children’s needs. This year, we are even more full of purpose as 24.000 children from Artsakh had to

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